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Shay Lynn

Bikini Super Model
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Shay Lynn Shay Lynn Shay Lynn

I was born at a very young age. I didn't have a nickel to my name or even a pocket to put it in if I had one. My first memory is of two nurses talking. They said that I'd be leaving the hospital the next day. What a way to start life out, broke, homeless and not a stich of clothes to wear. I was very fortunate though. Two people, we'll call Mom and Dad, took me in. They fed me, bought me clothes and took very good care of me.

My next memorable moment in childhood was soon after I was able to walk. Mom had just finished giving me a bath. She had me all wrapped up in a great big towel. Just then, the doorbell rang. Well I knew all about doorbells from watching Mom and Dad. So I wriggled out of that towel and headed straight for the door. It was the Preacher from the Church we went to. Just then, Mom came into the room. Well everyone thought it was so funny for me to be answering the door in my birthday suit. They just couldn't stop laughing.

My next favorite experience is during my teens in the back seat of a car with a really cute boy. Wow, did we ever get the windows all steamed up that night. We had a really WILD TIME! That car was really Rockin' n' Rollin'! I never had so much fun before that in my life, but I sure did lots of times after that night!

It seems that all my life I've been having such great fun taking my clothes off. Well that was when I finally decided to become a model. Then I could have all the fun of taking my clothes off and also get paid for doing it.

-Shay Lynn

Please visit at www.ShayLynnXXX.com.

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